Custom Order FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

☆ What are your rates?

For single sticker orders I have a flat rate fee of $20. Bulk orders (more than one sticker) will be a flat rate fee of $45. The flat fee accounts for my time. Depending on the specification of the stickers (quantity, size, type, etc), additional fees will apply.

☆ Can I choose the size of my stickers?

Due to the size restrictions of my machine and printer, the max size sticker I am able to produce must be under 9" x 11". Otherwise we can make as small or large of a sticker as you want!

☆ When will I get my stickers?

Depending on the complexity of the sticker, the design process can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

Production and shipping are dependent on quantity of stickers- Approximately 1 week.

*Please note these times are variable - if you have a customized sticker idea in mind, shoot me an email and I can give you a better estimate!

☆ I need theses stickers FAST

While I do work a full-time job during the week, I am more than happy to fit a timeline for you, however, additional fees may apply.

☆ Returns/Refunds

ALL CUSTOM COMMISSION ORDERS ARE FINAL. Due to the unique design I just created for you, I cannot sell this in my shop so I do not offer returns or refunds. I collect the flat fee up front and then once you are happy with the design, I will calculate additional costs for time and supplies and collect the final payment.